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I no longer play much Modern on stream, but a lot of work went into these pages so I am leaving them up here as a reference for people who might want to visit what Modern once was. Unlike the other formats on this website – Modern decks linked below are not kept up to date as the format changes.

You can also find a list of literally every Modern deck I have ever played on stream on my Website here.

Proven Decks

Decks listed in this section are ones that have existed in Modern for awhile and have put up top finishes at large Modern events.

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High Potential Decks

Decks listed in this section are ones that feel reasonable to me after playing them, but have yet to put up consistent finishes at large Modern events. These are decks that with good play and possibly more tuning I believe could eventually slide into the proven decks of the format with a few good event results.

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Fan Favorite Decks

These are decks that we play on stream regularly because people like them, but they tend to have a few too many poor match ups in the format to be something I think will ever be a major player in Modern. They can be fun and powerful in the right meta game though.

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Meme Decks

Decks listed in this section are all doing something that is incredibly sweet when it works, but either lack consistency or are weak to disruption. They are a blast to play though.

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